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Matilda Greensleeves is about treading gently, caring for our planet and each other, and consciously creating beautiful yet practical sustainable gifts.


Bread bag story:

Last year it was really inspiring to participate in the ‘Plastic free July’ challenge, looking for alternatives to the common plastics we are all exposed to as consumers.

It’s great news now that single use shopping bags are being banned around most of Australia. But I realised that bread bags are pretty much single use as well, even when I re-use them it’s not long before they end up in the bin. We’ve been lucky here in NSW to have a functioning soft plastics recycling program, but these programs aren’t available everywhere. Even better than recycling, let’s avoid creating the plastic waste to begin with!

As a solution, I began designing and sewing my own bread bags in a range of natural and organic fabrics. They've been fabulous and I've avoided using hundreds of plastic bags in just one year. Bakeries are always happy to use them for unsliced or sliced loaves (I designed the bag to fit over the bread on the slicing machine). They are machine washable between uses – like using your keep cup at the café!

Natural fabrics, such as cotton calico, hemp blends and linens, allow for some air circulation. As a result, after a few days the bread is less soft and squishy than if stored in plastic, but the increased airflow means mould formation is also reduced.  As many would agree, bread is best consumed fresh! If we plan to keep ours longer than 3 days, I usually get it sliced and place it straight in the freezer in the fabric bag. If it's a large sourdough I cut it into 2 - 3 pieces and freeze them; this allows me to thaw a chunk at a time :)   If you do find yourself with a couple of drier slices left over at the end of the week, it’s a great opportunity to get creative - cultures have been experimenting with ways to use up dry bread for thousands of years and have discovered many delicious solutions (think croutons, french toast, or italian panzanella).

Available in three different fabric types, all 100% plastic free, sewn at home by me.

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